muse moments

Looking forward to a long weekend, I hope?  I sure am!  I’ll fill up my days with good friends & fun times.  Let us start this weekend off right with a few of my latest inspirations:

My first endeavor into the world of blogging could not be christened better than by these words.  This is one of the many truths I learned in my travels & that is that sometimes you simply need to trust you’ve picked the right path to travel upon.

I am very into delicate rings at the moment.  A simple adornment can really polish your look.  I’m currently rocking a silver band tiled in pastel seashells.

We experienced a brutal winter & that left me longing for summer & sunshine & the seaside.  You can be assured that I cured my malady just last week with a beautiful vacation spent with good friends in the Sunshine State.

On sizzling summer days, I want nothing more than to savor the delicious coolness of chocolate ice cream.  It is oh so satisfying, let me tell you.

Well, it’s one of my favorite things for sure.  I still love visiting familiar places & experiencing them with people who have never been there before.  So what’s next on my list of places to see & explore?  England & Ireland in a few years.  Do you have a destination you dream about seeing & exploring?

I hope to see you next week when I share some memories made from my most recent travels!  Till then, I wish you all the best that life has to offer.

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