mapped it: St. Petersburg, Florida

Meet #BeachBoundBob, our Floridian tour guide.  Jen found him sans legs one day & started something by bringing him to work for office pranks.  Our paraplegic poster hunk became a sensation.  He came along with us & inspired many fantastic photoshoots (like this one!).  I think you’ll come to love this quirky little guy as much as we do!

St. Pete's-condo 1
#BeachBoundBob gets handsy with my Po’ Boy!

The Florida sun is hot hot HOT.  The rays beat down on you, only relenting when a quick rain rolls through.  Y’know, some like it hot.  I like it hot if it means I can jump into a big pool when I’ve had enough heat.  Our condo at Coquina Key in St. Pete’s Beach promised just that.  Within a gated community lies this upscale colorful marina.  Our unit resided within walking distance of the yacht club & saltwater pool.  Our backyard let out to a marina & we could smell the salty air of the ocean from our deck.

St. Pete's-condo 2

I spent every morning breathing in that air & gazing at the docked boats, making note of their names: Anna Molly (anybody else singing Incubus now?), Paradise, Adventure…  What name would you give your boat?  Greg & I would choose “Albatross” to not only pay homage to a fascinating poem (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge) but also to our favorite television show & related movie.

St. Pete's-condo 6
Recognize this?  If so, YOU’RE MY KIND OF AWESOME.  If not, get to watching Firefly Serenity stat.

Jen & I chose to spend our afternoons poolside by the sea, making the most of our time by sunbathing, reading, & taking dips in the tempting water.  We were treated by a dolphin sighting even before the boys joined us!

St. Pete's-condo 3 St. Pete's-condo 5 St. Pete's-condo 4

We invited Jen’s college friend to join us at the yacht club that evening.  After all, it was Taco Tuesday & they offered $2 margaritas!  How can one resist?

St. Pete's-condo 7

Come back next Monday to learn what unusual treat we tried (& mostly enjoyed)!

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