muse moments

Anybody else surprised the weekend is here already?  (Not that I’m complaining by any means.)  I have been busy takin’ care of business, so bring on the weekend, baby.  Here are a few inspirations from around the web that have really spoken to me as of late.  Hope they too can inspire you:

TRUTH.  I also really appreciate the graphic design of this piece.  Don’t you think it would work well as an art print in your kitchen?

I am a major fan of earrings.  Rarely will you catch me without anything adorning my ears.  & these earrings have got me lusting after them because of their unique design.  Let’s add these to my Christmas list, please!

My husband just had a birthday this week!  What did he request for his birthday gift?  Books, books & more books.  I’m happy to oblige as I’m a fellow book-lover.  I think we may just have to try this idea out next year for him because how could he not be pleased with the results?

A kimono seems like a great transitional piece into fall fashion.  You can still pull off the short dresses of summer as long as you pair it with a decent cover-up for the cooler temperatures.

Any doubters around you as of late?  Anyone not taking you seriously when they should?  Make this your mantra.  Focusing on yourself and doing the best you can do will make it easier to leave them in your dust.

Have a grand weekend, ladies & gents!

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