mapped it: Treasure Island, Florida

Treasure Island 17

What is the number one reason people travel to the coast?

Necessary beach therapy.  It was indeed requisite beach time.

Treasure Island 1 Treasure Island 3

Before we took #BeachBoundBob to his destination, we explored the downtown area of St. Pete’s Beach for some souvenir shopping & popped in at a local brewery, Green Bench Brewing Company.  Aaron & Jen came away with a couple of growlers & souvenir glasses.

Treasure Island 7 Treasure Island 2

Some of us (ahem) simply enjoyed the company of great friends & enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the tasting room.  We could see the crew shooting hoops just beyond the bar where the fermentation tanks were kept.  The laidback groove of everyone was enough to make anyone want to jive right alongside.

Treasure Island 12 Treasure Island 9 Treasure Island 11

We had to introduce our longtime friend (& college roommate) Erin to that amaaazing saltwater pool with the fantastic view.

Treasure Island 13

But finally…it was time.  #BeachBliss

Treasure Island 16Treasure Island 4

We made it over to Treasure Island (crossing a drawbridge to do so) just in time to catch a few rays before a gorgeous sunset.  Smooth sands, warm waters, & a balmy breeze made our rendezvous with the beach everything we needed it to be.

Treasure Island 18#BeachBoundBob wishes he could walk around on those…what do you call them?
Oh yeah, feeeeeet!

Treasure Island 15It also made it really hard to leave…

Stop in next week to find out to what city we stopped off at before heading home!

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