socialite savvy: birthday drinks & desserts

Greg's 27th Birthday 2

My husband turned 27 just last week, so we invited a small number of close friends & family to come celebrate the occasion over the weekend.  The theme was simple: drinks & desserts.  You could bring a dessert or a drink, but most importantly, bring yourself!  With very little planning & the help of some pretty amazing in-laws, Greg’s birthday was a huge success!

Greg's 27th Birthday 8 Greg's 27th Birthday 7 Greg's 27th Birthday 11
The dessert line-up included cookie cake, coconut creme pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie & homemade nutty pumpkin cake.

My mother-in-law (pictured above on the right) set up an impromptu photobooth in our garage so that we could capture funny photos of the guests using her fancy fish-eye lens.

The results were marvelous.

Greg's 27th Birthday 5
Above: me, my father-in-law Clint & the birthday boy!

Greg's 27th Birthday 4 Greg's 27th Birthday 3

Greg's 27th Birthday
Above: Greg squares off with the prankster of our group, Grant.*

*All photobooth images courtesy of Martha Dahl at Essence Photography by Martha.

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