muse moments

Welcome to Friday, ladies & gents! I hope you’ve had a pleasant week as I have & wish you a joyful weekend as well! Read on to see what’s keeping me inspired this week:

Want to know how to personalize your own mug?  Take a colored sharpie (in this case, a gold one) & draw whatever design or saying you please.  Then, pop the ceramic in the oven for fifteen minutes at 350 degrees & viola!

I am all about truffles.  Bite-sized sweets are ideal to serve at any function.  I mean, what’s not to love?  I’m thinking I’ll have to try these babies at our upcoming Halloween bash.

I found my new decanter.  It’ll go well in my hidden study.  Y’know…the one tucked away behind the staircase.

It’s been rainy this week, & on dark, drizzly days, I want to inject color into the world.  It’s easy to do with a bold red hat like this or a bright-colored trench.

Last but not least, I dedicate this top to my lack of love for shorter days.  Waking up before the sun has risen automatically elicits the above response from me. Are you a morning person? Feel free to share below.

Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you all next week, but until then, have a marvelous weekend!

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