socialite savvy: thin mint truffles & peach mimosas

Thin Mint Truffles 2

Wow people at your next social engagement with some scrumptious morsels & a bubbly concoction sure to please.  Here’s a social savvy dessert & drink recipe for you to impress any guest: thin mint truffles & the peach mimosa.

Thin Mint Truffles: the recipe

Take 1 package of Thin Mints or the comparable Keebler Grasshopper Cookies & crumble the contents.
Take 4 0z. of cream cheese & combine with the ground cookies until they are well-blended.
Form small balls with the mixture & dip into white chocolate bark (1/2 a bar ought to do) until fully coated.
Place dipped cookie balls onto wax paper.
Before the white chocolate hardens, take mint chocolate chips (Andes mints crumbled works beautifully) & sprinkle on top.
Place truffles into freezer for an hour or two & viola!  Dessert is served.

Thin Mint Truffles 1 Thin Mint Truffles 3

Peach Mimosa: the recipe

Combine 1 part champagne & 1 part Peach Schnapps with 2 parts orange juice.  Then, lift your glass in praise!

photo 1-2 (2)

I first discovered the amazing Peach Mimosa at Silky O’ Sullivan’s in Memphis (read my accompanying post “mapped it: Memphis, Tennessee” to see what else I found in the city of blues).  I simply adored the fruity take on the classic Mimosa & adapted the recipe for a simple style to serve at home.  Hope you enjoy these two heavenly treats as much as I do!

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