muse moments

It may be stormy here, but it’s still the weekend! I don’t know about you but I’m not going to let a little rain interrupt my plans. Between a rock concert & a sponsored date night (more to come on that) at one of the biggest American breweries, how can I not be thrilled Friday is here?

In what ways do you carpe diem? I remain an eternal optimist. When things get rough, I remind myself that this is a moment in time & it too shall pass. I also try to do something daily that gets me one step closer to achieving my goals.

Speaking of dreams, I hope to one day soon find myself in Ireland. This mysterious rock bridge is located in Donegal. I’ve got a date in mind & a rough itinerary set. Now, I’m just working on saving the funds to make this trip a reality!

If you have kids, you may still luck out on Halloween & get some of their candy stash. But if you are sans children or a fellow wino, don’t you wish this version of Trick-or-Treat existed?!

If you’ve stopped by my bio page “Meet Amanda,” you already know I offer dating advice online at Examiner. My latest article talks about 3 romantic traditions you can start today in your own relationship, including one Greg & I share. To read it, click on the image & it will take you to the website directly.  What traditions do you share as a couple that truly represent you two?

I also got invited recently to guest post for Verizon Wireless. I wrote about how technology has drastically changed the modern dating scene & how the Millennial generation has adapted to this change. Do you think technology makes dating easier or more complicated?

I hope you make the most of your weekend & I shall see you next week!

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