socialite savvy: Les Bourgeoise Winery & Noboleis Vineyards

Winery Summer 2014 7The Midwest of America may seem an unlikely place to find quality wine but you might be surprised.  Missouri has rolling hills of vineyards spotted with large ponds & surrounded by trees.  Wineries abound in the Midwest & I am all set to explore them.

Winery Summer 2014 9 Winery Summer 2014 8

I joined a few friends at Noboleis Vineyards for a wine sampling & lunch.  We snacked on crackers paired with cheese & sausage & shared laughs over a few bottles of wine.  After splitting some yummy pizzas, we tried out the hula hoops & giant inflatable soccer balls placed outside for our amusement.  I spotted someone living the luxe life at this winery when they dropped in unexpectedly by helicopter & flew back out again after grabbing a few bottles for themselves.

Winery Summer 2014 3 Winery Summer 2014 2

I stopped off at my favorite winery, Les Bourgeois.  It’s my favorite for sentimental reasons as it happens to be the one where Greg & I wed.  On a perfect fall day, I enjoyed a bottle of Traminette-Vignoles from their Collector’s Series while pouring over my writing.  Don’t worry…  I managed to look up from my notebook every now & again to enjoy the gorgeous view of the Missouri River just below the bluffs.

Winery Summer 2014 1 Winery Summer 2014 5 Winery Summer 2014 4

The wineries get prettier over the autumn season.  I can’t wait to visit more as the leaves start changing colors.  What are you looking forward to this Fall?  Stop in for a visit on Friday & enjoy some weekly inspiration courtesy of my muse moments.

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