mapped it: Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre of Italy (foodie edition)

Monterosso 4The Cinque Terre is one of the finest gems that the Italian Riviera has to offer.  Monterosso may be tourist-infested, but between the beautiful beach & the traffic-free streets, the largest of the five towns is absolutely delightful.  Arriving after a long train ride, we stepped out onto the platform which opened up to a gorgeous seaside street lined with restaurants.  However, we rolled into town rather late, so our options were limited & we simply wanted to fall into bed.  After confusing our map directions, we ended up on the opposite side of town with suitcases in tow & landed in the middle of an outdoor festival.  We lacked the energy to join in the dancing & drinking, but the throng of happy party people certainly seemed inviting & lifted our moods.  We turned back, heading through a tunnel & past the tempting eateries.  I stopped us at the gelateria that was still open & grabbed us a slice of lasagna & dessert to go.  Greg juggled all the suitcases while I managed dinner & we finally rolled into our destination: the 5 Terre Hotel.  One of the owners, a helpful older man, greeted us by complimenting my petite figure & Greg’s strength.  Then, he showed us to our room where we promptly devoured (& enjoyed) our hasty meal choice.  Thus began our foodie experience of Monterosso al Mare.

IMG_8106 Monterosso 2

The next day, we rambled through town, stopping off to sample wine & homemade pesto, buying some jars to take home with us.  To learn more about the wine we sipped on, read this.  For dinner that night, we chose Ristorante Miky for a fancy dining affair.  Our waiter uncorked a white German wine for us before bringing our main course.  The skilled servers excel at presenting your dish from deboning sea bass to flambeing seafood ravioli (as was the case for my meal).  The waiter proceeded to punch holes in the bread lid, then rolled it back to reveal the mouth-watering contents.  If you get the opportunity, be sure to stop in for this fine dining experience during your visit.

Before bidding adieu to the beautiful sea town, we savored one last meal of prawn pasta sitting out along the main street while taking in the brilliant scenery.  Then, we boarded another train headed for Tuscany.  Come back next Monday to learn about the next leg of our Italian tour.

Monterosso 5 Monterosso 3

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