mapped it: Top 3 Things To Do in Montepulciano of Tuscany, Italy


Bonjourno!  Welcome to the splendid countryside familiar to all as Tuscany.  Truly, you will find the hills unroll to reveal vineyards & rows of sunflowers for you, winding & dipping & spilling over with beauty.  Montepulciano works well as a home base for you to explore the vast Tuscan countryside, including Florence & Siena.  As our time was limited, we chose to simply ramble through this charming Renaissance town.  Here’s my Top 3 Must-Do items when in Montepulciano:

1. Eat authentic Italian pizza.

IMG_8227 Montepulciano 1

So maybe this doesn’t necessarily fall under a totally Tuscan absolute, but seriously, you better devour some pizza when in Italy.  We just happened to take part in this pleasurable experience while in Montepulciano.  The crust is thin & fluffy (not like the cracker type offered in St. Louis) & the cheese is rich in flavor while the sauce is the freshest I’ve ever tried.  I struggle with finding homeland pizza that stands up to it.

2. Sample the wine of Tuscany.

IMG_8302Vino Nobile is the pride of Tuscan wine.  The deep reds featured here are all DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita), which means they come from a protected geographical location & are produced with the highest level of quality.  In other words, these wines are 100% authentic in origin.  The wine is aged in oak barrels for a couple of years (or more, if it is a reserve).  Sign up for a sample session & you’ll get 6 samples, including a few from reserve bottles.  Soon, you too will understand the many awards lining the walls of this tavern-like building.

3. Put on your best pair of walking shoes & stroll the streets of the walled medieval city, Montepulciano.

IMG_8208 IMG_8309

The stony streets of this Tuscan town are utterly gorgeous, from the narrow alleyways that provide a peek of the rolling hills just beyond to the grand churches & colorful shops.  Stop off at the Piazza Grande a Montepulciano for excellent cuisine, wine (featured above) & beautiful historical sites to explore.  It truly is easy to imagine living la dolce vita in a place like this.  Can’t you just see Sophia Loren leaning out one of these flowered windows or balconies?

The sun-baked Tuscan town of Montepulciano is one to add to your wanderlust wish list.  Come back Monday to learn about the historic farmhouse we stayed in & highly recommend!  Till then, ciao!

IMG_8310 IMG_8251

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