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Happy Halloween, ladies & gents!  It’s time to join in the festivities, so flip on your porch light & fill the candy bags or deck the walls with spooky decor.  I’ve recently learned about a St. Louis trick-or-treating tradition: if kids expect some delicious sweets in their bag, they’ve got to deliver a joke to the person opening the door.  It’s an adorable tradition & seems to be one only found in St. Louis.  Do you have any peculiar holiday traditions?  Regardless of how you celebrate this Halloween weekend, I hope you & yours have a wonderful time!  Here’s some weekly inspirations to get your weekend off on the right foot:

If you are hosting a small Halloween get-together, here’s a fantastic little idea to set the right mood.

Try out this pumpkin brownie recipe & I swear you won’t be disappointed.  I know this for a fact because I tried it out myself this past weekend at my good friend’s birthday.  They were certainly a crowd-pleaser!  Here are my results for you:

Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

This artistic photograph has a sensuous noir vibe that gets story ideas rolling around in my head.

A bathroom remodel is on the horizon for me, & while it might not be quite this extravagant, a girl can dream right?

There is just something about a lady in red.  This gorgeous little drape dress in vivid red is far too good to pass up.

Stay safe this Halloween & have a wicked good time.  Hope you have a magical weekend & I’ll see you next week!

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