planned it: experience agriturismo in Tuscany

IMG_8174The fertile land of Tuscany offers such picturesque scenery & you can experience it firsthand.  Agriturismo gives tourists the chance to live the luxe life on a farmhouse turned resort in the middle of the beautiful Italian countryside.  These lavish homes are set next to crops of sunflowers, grapes or olive trees to provide you a taste of the country life.  Meals are typically provided from items grown on the property or locally, which means you are guaranteed to have  a scrumptious home-cooked meal at some point.  Plus, if you choose to, there are often opportunities to take part in activities around the farm.  We went with a beautiful farmhouse just outside of Montepulciano that offered the rustic charm of the countryside along with a jacuzzi & a  pool.  Ahh…yes, the sweet life…  Allow me to introduce you to Agriturismo Casa al Bosco:

IMG_8191 IMG_8168

This eighteenth-century farmhouse is operated by the lovely Cassioli family.  Constanza (the only English speaker of the family) & her father (who couldn’t speak an ounce of English) were absolutely delightful hosts.  In our failed attempt to understand the bus routes, we relied heavily on a taxi to get us back & forth from the town centre of Montepulciano.  (Read my guide to Montepulciano here.)  That was an unfortunate alternative for two reasons: evidently, there is only one taxi driver in all of Montepulciano (an energetic, charismatic man who drove maybe a bit too fast but always left us with a smile & a friendly wave), which often meant 1) we had long waits for his arrival, & 2) it was rather expensive fare.  However, as soon as the father heard of us taking the taxi to arrive at his abode, he insisted on driving us himself so we could save our money.  Can you believe that generosity?  As if the lavish establishment wasn’t enough to win us over, the hospitality of the owners certainly floored us!

IMG_8145 IMG_8146

Our inviting room complete with jacuzzi tub.

IMG_8147 IMG_8150 IMG_8148

IMG_8178 IMG_8186

I highly recommend experiencing agriturismo for yourself.  It is a true getaway from the everyday & Agriturismo Casa al Bosco is the perfect place for you to try out this brand of tourism.  Come back on Wednesday for a look at our Halloween party from this past weekend!  Until then, arrivederci!

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