muse moments

I’ve spent this past weekend traveling, so my apologies for the delayed posts. However, that means this week you’ll get a double dose of LIVE THE LUXE LIFE! Here’s hoping your week has started off as beautifully as mine, but if not, here is a dose of inspiration to set you back on track:

I just snagged two pairs of heels & some sleek cognac-colored boots, so I’m feeling the love for these beautiful Romeo & Juliet pumps.

I want my life to be an adventure & this statement reflects the passion it takes to lead an extraordinary life.

Have any of you had the pleasure of enjoying the original macaron created by Laduree in Paris? I have been that fortunate & there are days I dream of that cake-like cookie with the rich ganache middle. Let me know if you find a comparable macaron in the States & I’ll be sure to give it a chance!

The tuck & twist hair do is incredibly simple to pull off as long as you have enough bobby pins. Here’s my pin win:


This backless number with the ornate sequin detail is to be worn on special occasions. It reminds me of a beautiful pink & gold gown with beading currently hanging in my closest that is beckoning to be worn. Looks like it might be one to wear on New Year’s Eve!

Check back later this week for my travel update. Until then, stay inspired!

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