hot spots: Cocoa Dolce in Kansas City

Cocoa Dolce 3

While I currently call St. Louis home, my roots are found in Kansas City.  Home of barbeque, Harry Truman & much more, it seems only right to feature such a swanky town on this travel blog.  I’ve discovered plenty of places worth a visit in both cities & wish to share them with you in my new series, “Hot Spots.”  I hope you enjoy this first feature from Kansas City.

A new upscale shopping plaza opened up in Overland Park called Prairiefire featuring a unique museum (more on that at a later date) among shops, restaurants & a movie theater.  One delightful chocolate shop made an impression on me: Cocoa Dolce.

Cocoa Dolce 2 Cocoa Dolce 1 Cocoa Dolce 4

Cocoa Dolce creates scrumptious artisan chocolates alongside other chocolate-infused concoctions.  The chocolatiers utilize ingredients from around the world.  One such ingredient came from Peru, an extremely rare chocolate called Fortunato No. 4.  This nutty sweetness can be found in truffles & the cake-like treats known as macarons.  The shop offers up samples of gelato flavors & morsels that melt in your mouth.  Greg & I fell in love with macarons in Paris, so we stocked up on our visit.  We enjoyed flavors like Nutella, Champagne, Cocoa Buzz & Orange Dreamsicle.  He asked for a “Black Eye,” which is simply a shot of espresso added to one’s coffee, & I chose the shop’s version of “Pumpkin Spice Latte” stirred with white chocolate.  Find rich indulgent goodies galore in Kansas City that are worth melting for at Cocoa Dolce.

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