planned it: review of Hotel Ca’ Zose in Venice, Italy

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Venice, a town unlike any other, may appear to be overrun by tourists but you can find sanctuary here.  Sanctuary away from the modern world, away from the daily grind.  Slow down and immerse yourself in a place where it seems as if you have stepped back into another era.  Find out for yourself why no city can compare to the beauty of Venice.

When visiting this grand city, learn about the various neighborhoods beforehand to find the perfect place for your stay.  We chose the neighborhood of Dorsoduro because it is centrally located and is known as being more reasonably priced than the hotels found across the canal.  Formerly known for drawing artists to its’ area, Dorsoduro has turned into a peaceful neighborhood spotted with wonderful restaurants, including a gelato shop, and museums.  We chose to stay at Hotel Ca’ Zose for our visit to Venice.


Loconda Ca’ Zose has picture-perfect  Venetian style and offers a prime location for sight-seeing.  Practically across the way on the Grand Canal from the San Marco Piazza, Ca’ Zose is tucked away yet easy to find.

The Service

Fair warning though, if stairs aren’t your thing, this is not your place.  Personally, I found the absurd path to our room an entertaining journey.  The concierge, a chivalrous young man, took it upon himself to carry my bags up the long flights of stairs.  Greg was left to lug his bags up one flight of stairs, across a balcony, around a corner and up another couple flight of stairs, much to my amusement.  Even as we left and Greg teased me about having to carry my baggage finally, the gentleman popped out of the adjacent bedroom to offer his services yet again.

The  Room

The decor is charmingly inspired by the Italian Renaissance era with rich warm colors and ornate designs.  The room offers a comfortable bed and a window that opens up to allow the sounds of lapping water and romantic music (from a talented street musician located nearby) to serenade you to sleep.  There is one small issue with the room (and I do mean “small”): the shower is teeny tiny, ideal for a quick hop in before dashing out the door for some serious sight-seeing.  If you’re hoping to relax with a long hot shower however, you might be a tad disappointed.  The extremely helpful staff and ideal location just near the opening of the Grand Canal into larger water makes this place well worth a stay.  Plus, with an available boat landing, you can score a taxi right when you need it (as we did on the day of our departure when a water taxi strike commenced).

The Sites

Ca’ Zose is just a couple of blocks away from the famed Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Accademia Gallery.  It is also within easy walking distance of the Rialto Bridge where you can score souvenirs aplenty.  Or you can head in the opposite direction and discover the beautiful church known as Santa Maria della Salute (see below).  We were within easy walking distance of most things and a simply taxi ride across the Grand Canal to the San Marco Piazza where you can find the best views of the city from the clock tower.

Book It

Rates are based off of high season for 2015: Rooms start at $160-$305
Rooms include: wi-fi, air conditioning & continental breakfast
Visit here to book your room or learn more:

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