muse moments

Ladies & gents, I hope that you have found many reasons to be thankful this week.  With so much going on around us at this moment, it can be difficult to stay positive, but I for one am incredibly thankful for so many reasons.  I hope you too can find joy in your life & focus on your reasons to be thankful.  Here are things that have inspired me as of late:

This is my mantra as of late.  Too often, we want to speak our minds, but at what cost?  Alienating or offending someone?  Sometimes, your message needs to be heard.  But think before you speak about what you have to say & the reason why you feel the need to say it.  Is your strong opinion worth making enemies over?  With that in mind, if & when you do decide to speak on something important to you, I hope you are able to find new comrades & spread a good message.

The richness of this library with its’ red couches & dark walls make you want to cozy up & settle in for the night.  The back lighting for the book shelves add to the depth of the room & serve a great purpose in addition.

Remember that bathroom remodel I mentioned being on my horizon?  Looks like it’s here!  Perhaps this luxurious rainfall shower head should make its way into our budget.

Hey, gents…it is the end of the month, which means it is finally the end of Novembeard!  Did you know where this trend of not shaving in November began?  It actually started in Australia under the name of “Movember,” encouraging gents to grow their finest mustaches in hopes of raising awareness for men’s health issues.  “No Shave November” became an international event to shed more light on prostrate & testicular cancer, & encourage donations to the American Cancer Society in its efforts to rid the world of these horrible diseases.  I think these are noble causes & appreciate all you hairy men out there who have done this for such awesome reasons.  Now that December is here, let’s not forget about the fight against cancer & other important health matters…but let’s clean up those faces a bit.  Here’s my list of the best barbershops in St. Louis to help you with that!

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