hot spots: holiday lights in the city of St. Louis


Growing up in Kansas City, the holiday season meant the Plaza shops & restaurants set the city aglow with a glorious light display.  (The Plaza is a historic shopping district modeled architecturally after Seville, Spain.)  I never realized how much I came to enjoy those lights until I moved away from them.  So when the holidays come round each year, I set out to fill the void by finding new city lights to warm up my spirit & put me in the mood for Christmas.  In previous years, I discovered the charming displays of Historic St. Charles with its dolled up storefronts & the Missouri Botanical Garden’s festive displays known as the “Garden Glow.”  This year, by special invitation, I found a new holiday lights display that charmed me aplenty at Anheuser-Busch’s Holiday Lights.

IMG_9239 10


Anheuser-Busch’s Holiday Lights tour offers more than just pretty light displays.  This free event takes you on a fun jaunt through the brewery grounds with pit stops along the way where you can sample new beers & classic favorites.  From Stella Artois Cidre to a selection of Ritas, there are many to expand your beer palate.  My party found the first tasting station most appealing as it offered a chocolate brew.  After a round of samples, we grabbed pub food served buffet-style & prepped ourselves for more rounds of beer tasting.  Despite the drizzling night sky, we enjoyed a merry time of hops & holiday lights!

IMG_9255 IMG_9237

1 2

When: annually from Thanksgiving weekend through the first weekend of the new year
Price: FREE.  Includes 5 samples.
Buffet: $10 a person.
Additional Packages include commemorative beer glasses, buffet tickets, a photo package &/or fire pits for groups.


4 IMG_9247


This post was sponsored by Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC.  Opinions are my own.
St. Louis Arch photo C/O Martha Dahl at Essence Photography by Martha.

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