socialite savvy: champagne & fortunes for New Years 2015

2015 started off much smoother this year than the previous one with an elegant shindig at our place.  At our 2014 NYE party, several partygoers ended up nursing a case of the flu the following week, including Greg.  Being in good health this time instantly put all of us in good cheer!

Dress Code: all came dressed to the nines.  The gents sported jackets or vests & ties while the ladies sparkled in cocktail dresses & bright-hued gowns.

Food: I popped some potato skins in the oven along with smores brownies & set out a shrimp tray.  My generous friends supplied the remaining dishes, including barbeque chicken wings & Italian meatballs.  Most years, I opt for a theme with the hors d’oeuvres relating, but with everyone volunteering their efforts, we all went for favorite foodies to share with everyone!  & of course, we offered a champagne toast to our guests just before midnight.

Games: I created a fortune game, encouraging each guest to write down a fortune to be pulled out of a bowl at random after midnight.  Guests could write one for a specific person (with no guarantee they’d get it).  The answers ranged from sweet to funny, including ones like “Taylor Swift will write a #1 hit song about you this year” and “you will become engaged this year!”  We thoroughly enjoyed unwrapping the creative fortunes & they helped us all look forward to the fun we shall have in 2015!

Cover photo C/O of Martha Dahl at Essence Photography by Martha.

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