fashion femme: testing beauty trends, the facial peel & the blowout hairstyle

I recently tried out a few beauty trends, the blowout & the facial peel, to find out firsthand the cons & pros of high-end salon specialties. I got the opportunity at American Image Salon & Spa’s Peel Night with a Glo Therapeutic Facial Peel & Bio Ionic styling tools.

FullSizeRender-12 (2) FullSizeRender-11 (2)

Chemical exfoliation sounds pretty intimidating, but the experience is surprisingly relaxing & provides better insight into your personal skin care routine. Stephanie walked me through the process, offering a peel personalized to my skin from beginning to end. Peels stimulate your skin cells to act young, & add radiance to your face. We ultimately determined that the “lunch-time peel” suited my virgin skin best. The process involves a microderm scrub to slough off dead skin cells & invigorate the remaining fresh layer. She recommends getting this kind of facial rejuvenation every 4 to 6 weeks. Evidently, the better your skin care regiment, the more intensely you feel the chemicals. So kudos to me for taking excellent care of my skin, because I could feel the burn from the chemicals doing their work! The heat seemed intense, but thankfully was short-lived. Stephanie then applied a moisturizing cream, leaving my face feeling refreshed & soft to the touch. Expect some peeling in the next few days, much like a slight sunburn. Ultimately, I determined that the peel may not be for me; but if you want to learn the best way to care for your skin, you’ll find no better guide than Stephanie.

FullSizeRender-13 (2) FullSizeRender-14 (2)

Next up, I got a session designed to teach me how to use Bio Ionic tools to achieve the look I wanted. Amanda (great name, don’t you think?) suggested smooth curls for my long locks. She then introduced me to the StyleWinder, a pretty sweet styling wand with rotating end that creates the ultimate curl. My hair doesn’t like to hold styles for any real length of time, but the next-day results (as seen below) left me with subtle waves for a tousled bedhead beauty look. Read this ‘muse moments’ post to see a perfect updo for this textured hairstyle.

Your best bet for pampering from the American Image Salon & Spa is to stop in on special event nights for luxe treatments at a serious discount.

IMG_6830 (2)

Price: $65 for chemical exfoliation treatment, $15 for finished style (with chemical service)

*This post was sponsored by American Image Salon & Spa. Opinions are my own.

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