hot spots: Majestic Dance Studio in St. Louis + GIVEAWAY

Bloggers Dance Night (2) (667x1024)

Hips sashaying…temperatures rising…laughter falling from your lips…
I get swept away in the moment when dancing. The pure elation I feel when I’ve found my rhythm isn’t something everybody understands. But you can.

Dancing may intimidate you, make you feel insecure. But think of the satisfaction that could be yours, if you give yourself the chance to learn. Majestic Dance Studio invites couples to come experience the thrill of dancing without the fear of failing. Let yourself feel the pulsating beat, & find your own rhythm in a dance group class.
Find the GIVEAWAY details at the end of this post.

Salsa 19 Salsa 22

Photos courtesy of Adriana Almeida.

Salsa 17

Shimmy your way down to Majestic Studios for a new way to spend a night on the town, whether it be a nontraditional date night or a chance to try something new with friends.

Partners line up across from each other, & owner Alex Borodko takes you step by step, simplifying the sensational moves of the salsa & bachata. When you finally pair again with your partner, the movements combine easily to create a beautiful number sure to impress.

Salsa 9 Salsa 10

Salsa 6 Salsa 18

Immediate photos above courtesy of Adriana Almeida.

Even if you don’t have a partner, the professionals are on hand to step in. Each offers a quick tip to improve your rhythm, from slowing down a spin & where to hold your arms to perfecting the hip swing. The rigorous workout is broken up with performances by the talented teachers. Josef Scherer & Loraine Ebel swept across the dance floor with an elegant ballroom dance. Alex paired with Angie Brooks in a lively International Latin to entertain us. We sat back, nibbled on a few snacks, & poured glass after glass of wine, enjoying the entertainment. The evening went by all too quickly, but the workout was refreshing–& I found that pure intoxication a night of dancing can give.

Keep on reading for the GIVEAWAY details…

Bloggers Dance Night (2) (1024x683)

Thanks to Majestic Dance Studio for inviting me and a few of my fellow bloggers to experience a group dance class for ourselves. The experience was one-of-a-kind, & now I can offer it to one of you!
Winner has been announced. Thanks for participating!

Majestic Dance Studio GIVEAWAY

Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Photo below courtesy of Adriana Almeida.

Salsa 1

*Thank you to Majestic Dance Studio for sponsoring this post.

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