fashion femme: layer me pretty

IMG_0363Autumn is by far my favorite season. Between leaves changing into glorious colors, pumpkins and weather that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to melt right out of my skin, what’s not to adore? Yet fall is a tricky month for figuring one’s wardrobe. Temperatures shift like moods, from freezing in the morning to (dare I say?) warm by afternoon.
How do you plan what to wear that will adapt from one situation to the next? Layers, of course.


For this look, pair a lightweight long-sleeved top with a heavy-knit short-sleeved cardi a la Forever 21 (find similar here). Dark skinnies match everything effortlessly. (So, get yourself a pair–stat!) The ripped details of this pair matched all too well with the textured top from Victoria’s Secret. Top off with a casual fedora (find similar here) and a pair of show-stopping boots (find similar here). To complete the ensemble, layer a couple of necklaces. Find this fantastic crystal pendant necklace at Joya. This local jewelry designer has a panache for incorporating natural elements with delicate designs. Want another reason to check them out? Proceeds from each purchase goes to charities for women. Plus, the hand-crafted jewelries and accessories are created by artisan communities from around the world. Find out more for yourself by browsing the curated fall collection.


Thanks to Collections by Joya for sponsoring this post! Stop in soon for a peek at St. Louis Fashion Week and a new hot spot addition.


muse moments

Happy Friday, ladies & gents! This weekend’s “Muse Moments” shares winter fashion inspirations & encourages the dreamers in us all. Enjoy!

Who is ready for the first real freeze this winter? Okay really, who wishes crazy winter weather only happened when you were snuggled up at home & had absolutely no obligation to leave the house? Since that rarely is the case, at least you can infuse some color into the season with this bright red cape…er, I mean coat.

Here’s a new très adorable pair of boots to add to your collection. Mid-size, spotted & topped off by a bow. What’s not to love about these babies?

The truest of friends should encourage your dreams. I’ve been fortunate in that way twice over, & with encouragement like that, how can you not take your dream seriously. Shoutout to my oldest of friends, Katie, who collaborated with me time & again on stories growing up & still allows me to bounce ideas of her. Also, to my better half, Greg, who constantly pushes me to pursue my passion & never doubts that we can make our dreams a reality. Hope you all have support in your pursuits & remember to encourage others too!

I always like to think I am running fashionably late, but let’s get real: I never allot the proper amount of time to prepare myself for leaving the house. Oops…good thing my friends & family love me anyway! Anyone else share in my flaw?

I am a huge fan of minimalist movie posters & this Inception art mimicking Hitchcock’s Vertigo resides proudly on my office wall. Have you gotten a chance to see Christopher Nolan’s latest picture, Interstellar? You may only have the vaguest ideas of what this film is about, but trust me, once you see it, you’ll appreciate the fact that the story was shrouded in secrets so you could unravel this mystery for yourself.