fashion femme: midsummer blues

Found myself in sunny Cali recently…and apparently, I brought the heatwave with me. While L.A. baked and locals felt like they were melting into puddles, I soaked up the sunshine, having just left behind 100-degree temperatures and a city drenched in humidity. The only thing to do? Throw on a breezy navy blue dress and take to the town.

Stepping out in Downtown L.A. (DTLA), the hi-lo dress, cinched at the sides with textured black stripes, proved the perfect recipe for the blazing sunny day, which I spent gallivanting from art museums to foodie markets. More on my recent visit to The Broad and Eggslut coming up soon! You can catch a sneak peek on my Insta page right now.

Find similar navy dress here and here. Central Perk available at Warner Bros. Studios. Sunglasses from France, available here. Fringe leather earrings from paperdolls boutique. Tribeca bar necklace C/O Collections by Joya.

fashion femme: layer me pretty

IMG_0363Autumn is by far my favorite season. Between leaves changing into glorious colors, pumpkins and weather that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to melt right out of my skin, what’s not to adore? Yet fall is a tricky month for figuring one’s wardrobe. Temperatures shift like moods, from freezing in the morning to (dare I say?) warm by afternoon.
How do you plan what to wear that will adapt from one situation to the next? Layers, of course.


For this look, pair a lightweight long-sleeved top with a heavy-knit short-sleeved cardi a la Forever 21 (find similar here). Dark skinnies match everything effortlessly. (So, get yourself a pair–stat!) The ripped details of this pair matched all too well with the textured top from Victoria’s Secret. Top off with a casual fedora (find similar here) and a pair of show-stopping boots (find similar here). To complete the ensemble, layer a couple of necklaces. Find this fantastic crystal pendant necklace at Joya. This local jewelry designer has a panache for incorporating natural elements with delicate designs. Want another reason to check them out? Proceeds from each purchase goes to charities for women. Plus, the hand-crafted jewelries and accessories are created by artisan communities from around the world. Find out more for yourself by browsing the curated fall collection.


Thanks to Collections by Joya for sponsoring this post! Stop in soon for a peek at St. Louis Fashion Week and a new hot spot addition.


fashion femme: starlet style


Allow me to introduce the lovely Liz. Everyone knows her as my “twin” because we’ve so often been confused for each other by strangers. We passed for sisters more convincingly when our hair was the same color, but we do share an odd resemblance for having no shared genes. And as we also share an adoration for classic films, it seemed only a matter of time before we replicated our favorite starlets’ styles. So, the twin and I piled up our hair, threw on some lipstick and headed to Chandler Hill Winery, all dolled up like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.





Marilyn’s doppelganger and I share a passion for writing. So, we whipped out our notebooks to jot a few notes, over wine and apple slices with brie.




These pictures (cleverly, I might add) don’t show the bustling crowds at a winery on a beautiful weekend. Every now and again, we’d catch some onlookers, or even the occasional photo bomber. It seems even a male model came out of the woodwork and decided to join us for a bit.










And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a little beauty advice from the screen queens themselves…

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she’ll conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe.

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” Audrey Hepburn.





Till next time…

muse moments

As the heat of summer finally begins to roll in, the outdoor festivities are in full swing. From food trucks in the city parks to the Renaissance Faire & outdoor theatre, the city comes alive with vibrant activity this time of year. All this & more is keeping my calendar filled to the brim, but I love every minute of it. Hope the longer days are as joy-filled for you as they have been for me! Here’s some #MuseMoments of late that have put a smile on my face:

060815 4

An oversized ring wrapped in gold & topped with a pale pink rose.

060815 1

I was thrilled to hear Jimmy Fallon’s announcement on the The Tonight Show when he introduced Ben & Jerry’s newest creation, The Tonight Dough. Combining chocolate cookie swirls, & chocolate chip & peanut butter cookie dough, it was as tasty as I’d hoped it be.


I fell in love with this enormous disco ball at a nearby nightclub.
Equal to the size of three of me, I sadly could not take it home.

060815 8

This wine drinker loves her some sangria, especially come summertime.
This light, zesty white wine concoction cools you off on a humid evening.

060815 7

Saint Louis Art Museum hosts a delightful shindig the last Friday of every month, known as SLAM Underground. The extended happy hour gives you an up-close experience with one of the exhibits, & celebrates the art with a DJ on hand & activities, like this distinctive photo booth.

fashion femme: testing beauty trends, the facial peel & the blowout hairstyle

I recently tried out a few beauty trends, the blowout & the facial peel, to find out firsthand the cons & pros of high-end salon specialties. I got the opportunity at American Image Salon & Spa’s Peel Night with a Glo Therapeutic Facial Peel & Bio Ionic styling tools.

FullSizeRender-12 (2) FullSizeRender-11 (2)

Chemical exfoliation sounds pretty intimidating, but the experience is surprisingly relaxing & provides better insight into your personal skin care routine. Stephanie walked me through the process, offering a peel personalized to my skin from beginning to end. Peels stimulate your skin cells to act young, & add radiance to your face. We ultimately determined that the “lunch-time peel” suited my virgin skin best. The process involves a microderm scrub to slough off dead skin cells & invigorate the remaining fresh layer. She recommends getting this kind of facial rejuvenation every 4 to 6 weeks. Evidently, the better your skin care regiment, the more intensely you feel the chemicals. So kudos to me for taking excellent care of my skin, because I could feel the burn from the chemicals doing their work! The heat seemed intense, but thankfully was short-lived. Stephanie then applied a moisturizing cream, leaving my face feeling refreshed & soft to the touch. Expect some peeling in the next few days, much like a slight sunburn. Ultimately, I determined that the peel may not be for me; but if you want to learn the best way to care for your skin, you’ll find no better guide than Stephanie.

FullSizeRender-13 (2) FullSizeRender-14 (2)

Next up, I got a session designed to teach me how to use Bio Ionic tools to achieve the look I wanted. Amanda (great name, don’t you think?) suggested smooth curls for my long locks. She then introduced me to the StyleWinder, a pretty sweet styling wand with rotating end that creates the ultimate curl. My hair doesn’t like to hold styles for any real length of time, but the next-day results (as seen below) left me with subtle waves for a tousled bedhead beauty look. Read this ‘muse moments’ post to see a perfect updo for this textured hairstyle.

Your best bet for pampering from the American Image Salon & Spa is to stop in on special event nights for luxe treatments at a serious discount.

IMG_6830 (2)

Price: $65 for chemical exfoliation treatment, $15 for finished style (with chemical service)

*This post was sponsored by American Image Salon & Spa. Opinions are my own.