muse moments

Happy hump-day, ladies and gents! My favorite season is upon us…even if the weather can’t make up it’s mind to follow suit. It might be warm enough during the day to sport bare legs, but I’ll still be rocking my boots. Bring on the autumn colors, the changing trees, the pumpkin carving, the hot chocolate…and of course, Halloween. As we prepare for the magical holiday and our annual costume party, here’s some muse moments to keep you inspired:

luggageEver since our last European excursion, the husband and I have needed a suitcase upgrade. We seriously put our previous set through its paces. Our next set would need a hard casing to withstand jumping from train to train and racing to catch a jet. Also, a pattern or bold color certainly would prove useful to spot our suitcase on an airport’s conveyor belt. So when I came across this beauty on wheels, it was impossible to resist. Got it home and we discovered it nearly matches my photo taken at the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. This suitcase is setting the bar pretty high, don’t you think?


I’ve been pulling this belt out of my closet a lot recently. I adore the beaded texture and wooden clasp. Plus, it’s a reminder of our adventurous time in Florida last summer, where I discovered this luxe tribal adornment.

shopping in paris shade

The bright pinks commonly associated with spring are going to prove fierce with your winter wardrobe. I’m looking forward to pairing this rich color, Shopping in Paris by Pink Holiday, with a monochromatic look. Find it here.

LN show house

Got my fill of decadent design at the LN Show House, where 12 rooms of a local mansion were completely transformed by local designers. Some of my favorite spaces included the mod pool house, decked out in eye-catching art like this full-wall distorted portrait in black-and-white; as well as the library with a thick wool rug that felt like walking on a cloud, and a statement green ceiling that made the room feel like an inverse of the outdoors.

LN show house 2

Tell me what’s got you dreaming as of late, & be sure to visit back soon for my latest hot spot addition.

muse moments

It’s a frigid weekend here, so snuggle up & sit for a spell while you catch up on my latest muse moments.

I am quite fond of hot air balloons ever since Greg & I incorporated them in our wedding decor to pay homage to our song, “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine.  This darling air balloon basket serves as the perfect mail holder for us.

Winter is no longer coming…it’s most definitely here.  Even though winter brings with it bitter temperatures & dreary landscapes, the season does allow us to break out the boots & the big cuddly scarves like this plaid fringe neck warmer.

The croque monsieur sandwich is a French ham & cheese combination that is simply divine.  Choose gruyere cheese & smoked ham to sizzle between flaky bread.  Then, top with a fried egg for what is possibly my favorite sandwich in the world: the croque madame.  Mouth-watering, believe me.

As a lover of wine, what better tour of California wine country than a Napa Valley wine train?  Bonus: you can enjoy as many glasses as you please without worrying about a designated driver!

When setting out to accomplish anything in your life, remember these words. Your journey is your own, & while it is helpful to have a role model for inspiration, it is vastly more important to be proud of each step you take forward on the path to success.

See you on Monday when I feature how St. Louis celebrates the holidays in my latest hot spots!

muse moments

Welcome to 2015, ladies & gents!  Greg & I hosted a fancy affair & rang in the new year with a champagne toast surrounded by friends.  I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions because I constantly set goals for myself throughout the year.  I like the idea of resolutions though & starting a new year with a fresh perspective on who I am & where I want to go in life.  So this year, I will set resolutions of a sort by sharing my goals for 2015.  Here is what I hope to accomplish in the new year:

Goal 1: work hard at the thing I love.  Since I’ve started this endeavor back in August, each week has been more exciting than the last.  Now that I have found my groove, it’s time to focus on making this venture as successful as I can.  I can’t thank you enough for supporting LIVE THE LUXE LIFE & playing a key role in the growth of this blog.

Goal 2: check another new destination of my travel list.  Travel & education are the only things you can buy that make you richer.  I am ready for a new adventure because with each new travel experience, I feel my global perspective broaden a little bit more.

Goal 3: improve my snapshots.  I want to focus on capturing memorable photos by thinking outside of the box like these unique travel pictures.

Goal 4: work on my punctuality.  My friends & family are quite accustomed to me arriving fashionably late (it’s become part of my charm!).  However, I plan on allowing myself more time to get ready so that I can improve my on-time record.  Wish me luck!

Goal 5: read more often.  I’ve been an avid reader all my life, but my busy schedule has been eating up my reading time.  This year, I’m going to get back to my favorite pastime.

This should be an exciting year for this blog as well.  Welcome to the new revamped version of!  You can expect fresh content weekly, including new travel guides for Europe & places in the States, more hot spots from Kansas City & St. Louis, & tips on hosting your own fabulous parties throughout the year.  Stop in on Monday for one final look at Venice, & again on Wednesday for a feature on our first holiday party.  Till then, I shall simply say have a wonderful new year!

muse moments

Ladies & gents, I hope that you have found many reasons to be thankful this week.  With so much going on around us at this moment, it can be difficult to stay positive, but I for one am incredibly thankful for so many reasons.  I hope you too can find joy in your life & focus on your reasons to be thankful.  Here are things that have inspired me as of late:

This is my mantra as of late.  Too often, we want to speak our minds, but at what cost?  Alienating or offending someone?  Sometimes, your message needs to be heard.  But think before you speak about what you have to say & the reason why you feel the need to say it.  Is your strong opinion worth making enemies over?  With that in mind, if & when you do decide to speak on something important to you, I hope you are able to find new comrades & spread a good message.

The richness of this library with its’ red couches & dark walls make you want to cozy up & settle in for the night.  The back lighting for the book shelves add to the depth of the room & serve a great purpose in addition.

Remember that bathroom remodel I mentioned being on my horizon?  Looks like it’s here!  Perhaps this luxurious rainfall shower head should make its way into our budget.

Hey, gents…it is the end of the month, which means it is finally the end of Novembeard!  Did you know where this trend of not shaving in November began?  It actually started in Australia under the name of “Movember,” encouraging gents to grow their finest mustaches in hopes of raising awareness for men’s health issues.  “No Shave November” became an international event to shed more light on prostrate & testicular cancer, & encourage donations to the American Cancer Society in its efforts to rid the world of these horrible diseases.  I think these are noble causes & appreciate all you hairy men out there who have done this for such awesome reasons.  Now that December is here, let’s not forget about the fight against cancer & other important health matters…but let’s clean up those faces a bit.  Here’s my list of the best barbershops in St. Louis to help you with that!

muse moments

Happy Friday, ladies & gents! This weekend’s “Muse Moments” shares winter fashion inspirations & encourages the dreamers in us all. Enjoy!

Who is ready for the first real freeze this winter? Okay really, who wishes crazy winter weather only happened when you were snuggled up at home & had absolutely no obligation to leave the house? Since that rarely is the case, at least you can infuse some color into the season with this bright red cape…er, I mean coat.

Here’s a new très adorable pair of boots to add to your collection. Mid-size, spotted & topped off by a bow. What’s not to love about these babies?

The truest of friends should encourage your dreams. I’ve been fortunate in that way twice over, & with encouragement like that, how can you not take your dream seriously. Shoutout to my oldest of friends, Katie, who collaborated with me time & again on stories growing up & still allows me to bounce ideas of her. Also, to my better half, Greg, who constantly pushes me to pursue my passion & never doubts that we can make our dreams a reality. Hope you all have support in your pursuits & remember to encourage others too!

I always like to think I am running fashionably late, but let’s get real: I never allot the proper amount of time to prepare myself for leaving the house. Oops…good thing my friends & family love me anyway! Anyone else share in my flaw?

I am a huge fan of minimalist movie posters & this Inception art mimicking Hitchcock’s Vertigo resides proudly on my office wall. Have you gotten a chance to see Christopher Nolan’s latest picture, Interstellar? You may only have the vaguest ideas of what this film is about, but trust me, once you see it, you’ll appreciate the fact that the story was shrouded in secrets so you could unravel this mystery for yourself.

muse moments

Happy Halloween, ladies & gents!  It’s time to join in the festivities, so flip on your porch light & fill the candy bags or deck the walls with spooky decor.  I’ve recently learned about a St. Louis trick-or-treating tradition: if kids expect some delicious sweets in their bag, they’ve got to deliver a joke to the person opening the door.  It’s an adorable tradition & seems to be one only found in St. Louis.  Do you have any peculiar holiday traditions?  Regardless of how you celebrate this Halloween weekend, I hope you & yours have a wonderful time!  Here’s some weekly inspirations to get your weekend off on the right foot:

If you are hosting a small Halloween get-together, here’s a fantastic little idea to set the right mood.

Try out this pumpkin brownie recipe & I swear you won’t be disappointed.  I know this for a fact because I tried it out myself this past weekend at my good friend’s birthday.  They were certainly a crowd-pleaser!  Here are my results for you:

Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

This artistic photograph has a sensuous noir vibe that gets story ideas rolling around in my head.

A bathroom remodel is on the horizon for me, & while it might not be quite this extravagant, a girl can dream right?

There is just something about a lady in red.  This gorgeous little drape dress in vivid red is far too good to pass up.

Stay safe this Halloween & have a wicked good time.  Hope you have a magical weekend & I’ll see you next week!

muse moments

Ladies & gents, let’s raise a toast to Friday!  After a painfully long week, Friday is finally here.  I’m in need for some serious R & R this weekend.  How about you?  Take a peek at the things inspiring me these days before you get your weekend started:

If you love to travel as much as I do, you know it’s all about the experience when you’re out there trekking the world.  But if you’re like me, you also want to be able to share those experiences with the people back home.  How on earth do you capture the grandeur of a new place, a new culture?  Take a tripod selfie.  It’s great for capturing those solo trips or everyone in your party.

My ideal nightstand is not only modern chic but has the necessary shelves to store a few of my favorite things: a book, a lotion bar, a pen & a pad of paper.  Plus, you know that one really handy item known as a phone charger.  This nightstand so suits my personality that I think I just might buy two!

I adore quirky little accessories, such as this perfect pineapple buckle on a skinny belt.  Add a little pizazz to your professional attire with a piece like this that pops.

Here’s a little pumpkin carving inspiration for you.  Just use glow sticks to create the different colored effect!  Do you & your family carve pumpkins?  If so, what designs did you come up with this year?

At times, you have to remind yourself to be your own best version of who you are & not worry about fitting into someone’s cookie-cutter mold of who you ought to be.  If you focus on being a good person & doing what makes you happy, the rest will fall into place.