muse moments

Welcome to 2015, ladies & gents!  Greg & I hosted a fancy affair & rang in the new year with a champagne toast surrounded by friends.  I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions because I constantly set goals for myself throughout the year.  I like the idea of resolutions though & starting a new year with a fresh perspective on who I am & where I want to go in life.  So this year, I will set resolutions of a sort by sharing my goals for 2015.  Here is what I hope to accomplish in the new year:

Goal 1: work hard at the thing I love.  Since I’ve started this endeavor back in August, each week has been more exciting than the last.  Now that I have found my groove, it’s time to focus on making this venture as successful as I can.  I can’t thank you enough for supporting LIVE THE LUXE LIFE & playing a key role in the growth of this blog.

Goal 2: check another new destination of my travel list.  Travel & education are the only things you can buy that make you richer.  I am ready for a new adventure because with each new travel experience, I feel my global perspective broaden a little bit more.

Goal 3: improve my snapshots.  I want to focus on capturing memorable photos by thinking outside of the box like these unique travel pictures.

Goal 4: work on my punctuality.  My friends & family are quite accustomed to me arriving fashionably late (it’s become part of my charm!).  However, I plan on allowing myself more time to get ready so that I can improve my on-time record.  Wish me luck!

Goal 5: read more often.  I’ve been an avid reader all my life, but my busy schedule has been eating up my reading time.  This year, I’m going to get back to my favorite pastime.

This should be an exciting year for this blog as well.  Welcome to the new revamped version of!  You can expect fresh content weekly, including new travel guides for Europe & places in the States, more hot spots from Kansas City & St. Louis, & tips on hosting your own fabulous parties throughout the year.  Stop in on Monday for one final look at Venice, & again on Wednesday for a feature on our first holiday party.  Till then, I shall simply say have a wonderful new year!

muse moments

Helloooo to the weekend! It has been one heck of a week & I could not be happier that it’s finally over. Tonight, I get to celebrate four years of wedded bliss with the love of my life. Before I let him spoil me rotten though, I wanted to share my weekly inspirations with you all so you too can start the weekend off right!

Moments happen in life when your confidence is tested & you encounter a situation you’ve never navigated before. These times are opportunities for you to surprise yourself with your resilience & ability to still grow.

Okay, so maybe it still feels slightly like summer out here, but I’m here to tell you, it’s boots season, baby. Dust ’em off & pull ’em up because these boots were made for walkin’.

I found the newest props to add to the photo booth collection & they so speak to the nerd in me!

I’m overdue for a bathroom remodel. I’m thinking this waterfall faucet may need to make an appearance. If you don’t think soaking in a tub with candles & wine is a way to #LiveTheLuxeLife, then I throw my hands up at you.

While I’m lavishing in the romance of our anniversary evening, we may just dream big about our next vacation. The Giants Causeway in Ireland is on my must-see list. What’s on your list?

socialite savvy: birthday drinks & desserts

Greg's 27th Birthday 2

My husband turned 27 just last week, so we invited a small number of close friends & family to come celebrate the occasion over the weekend.  The theme was simple: drinks & desserts.  You could bring a dessert or a drink, but most importantly, bring yourself!  With very little planning & the help of some pretty amazing in-laws, Greg’s birthday was a huge success!

Greg's 27th Birthday 8 Greg's 27th Birthday 7 Greg's 27th Birthday 11
The dessert line-up included cookie cake, coconut creme pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie & homemade nutty pumpkin cake.

My mother-in-law (pictured above on the right) set up an impromptu photobooth in our garage so that we could capture funny photos of the guests using her fancy fish-eye lens.

The results were marvelous.

Greg's 27th Birthday 5
Above: me, my father-in-law Clint & the birthday boy!

Greg's 27th Birthday 4 Greg's 27th Birthday 3

Greg's 27th Birthday
Above: Greg squares off with the prankster of our group, Grant.*

*All photobooth images courtesy of Martha Dahl at Essence Photography by Martha.